a maximum of 2500 participants
Cernay - France
Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Modification of the courses

  1. Modification of the courses

Adapt to current conditions

By the organisation

The organisation reserves the right to modify or cancel the courses according to weather conditions and the needs of the event in cases of force majeure. Entrants will be immediately informed of any changes

By the entrant

PLATZER and BRAMONT entrants can change their choice of course :

Until the registration closing date.

When they start :

  • If they want to take the PLATZER course, they can simply start at 7.30 am
  • If they want to take the BRAMONT course, they can simply start at 8.15 am

During the race :

  • If they are on the PLATZER course, they can change to the BRAMONT course at the Markstein at 30 km, once the lead vehicle of the BRAMONT course has gone by


  • The timing system records the entrants for the course they actually ride

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