a maximum of 2500 participants
Cernay - France
Sunday, June 26, 2022
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  1. Supporters

Essential information for supporters

Starting Area

Restricted access

Access to the reception area and the start point is authorised on foot or by bike. The infrastructure of the start point allows proximity to the cyclists.

The Markstein

Crossroads of the courses

Cyclists following the PLATZER and BRAMONT courses cross the Markstein twice. This mountain resort can be easily reached via Guebwiller and takes 45 minutes by car from Cernay. By using this route, you will avoid hampering hundreds of cyclists.

The Markstein

The only FEED ZONE authorised

Entrants are only allowed to get fresh supplies at the Markstein. Assistance at any other place will result in disqualification of the cyclist. This site makes it possible to provide assistance safely on the routes taken by the cyclists.

On the courses

In accordance with FFC rules

Following vehicles are not allowed at the event. FFC officials will disqualify any cyclists with a following vehicle. Controls of car registration numbers will be carried out at different places to identify following vehicles.

Finish point

Accessible via a mountain footpath

A steep and narrow mountain road, leading to a dead end without a car park, leads to the finish point. We advise supporters to leave their vehicle at the Vieil Armand car park. You can walk to the finish point from there in about 15 minutes, along a pleasant footpath.

Back in Cernay

Over a meal

Entrants can order as many meals as required when they register, and until the deadline for modifying registrations. A chance to share with friends the final high point of L’Alsacienne.


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